We are a team of industry veterans inspired by the history of health and wellness within Saratoga Springs so we sought to bring a line of hemp wellness products to the community here in 2018.  Saratoga Springs is where we have built our homes and business.  Our extended family lives here.  We are here to share the same healing benefits of hemp that we have experienced while  using this nutraceutical to heal.  

Our hemp comes from farmers within the mid Atlantic that have over 300 years of generational practices handed down to them.  Sustainable organic practices and certified seed yield one of the highest quality Hemp Extracts on the market. 

Our mission is to educate and supply persons in need of the healing benefit of this plant with the best quality extracts to address their needs and support their continued wellness.  We are available here so people can come  "take the new cure of Saratoga Springs"​.  Our brand offers Isolate and Full Spectrum extract solutions available in edibles, oils, powder and creams.  Our team of industry experts can also provide educational training and private labeling consulting and supply.

We are partnered with several small established businesses to enhance their products with premium organic hemp extracts.  Our edibles, topicals and pet products are locally manufactured to the communities where we sell our produc